A Filipino Foodie Meets Dr. Gourmet

One aspect that I really love about my job is getting to meet other people passionate about health, especially when it comes to nutrition. This week, myself and two of my other dietitian colleagues got to meet with Dr. Tim Harlan,  who serves as the Medical Director at Tulane University Medical Group and as Executive Director for the Goldring Center for Culinary Medicine. His presentation this week to our college focused on the efforts of a Teaching Kitchen for medical students at Tulane….essentially teaching medical students how to cook, not only to practice what they preach, but to have a more in depth understanding of how the quality of the diet affects various aspects of health.

How cool is that? Imagine having a doctor that could provide you with some practical information connecting cooking with your health. In fact, the teaching kitchen effort is also set up to provide cooking classes to the New Orleans community taught by medical students and residents! What I love about Dr. Harlan is that he is so passionate about keeping his patients off medication through making lifestyle changes, most definitely including improving the quality of his patients’ overall diets. This passion for food may come from the fact that before becoming a doctor, Dr. Harlan was a trained chef, owning his own French Bistro at the mere age of 22.

Dr. Gourmet

Though Dr. Harlan is coined by his own entrepreneurial endeavors as Dr. Gourmet, Dr. Harlan provided us with some great information representing Tulane’s Culinary Medicine program. His interest in spreading the trend of other medical schools providing a culinary aspect was pretty evident, and I can’t wait to see what comes of this program in the next few years. Dr. Harlan also provided everyone with a copy of one of his cookbooks, Hand on Heart.


Dr. Harlan providing his lecture— not the best quality picture, I know


One of Dr. Harlan’s cookbooks provided to us— everything in here looks so yummy! I can’t wait to make many of these recipes and share with you!

Below I’ve also included a few books that Dr. Harlan recommends– I’ve read a few of these before but I’d like to re-read and share some reviews with you guys in upcoming posts 🙂

Interested in learning more about Tulane’s Teaching Kitchen or Dr. Gourmet? Check out the links below!


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