Monday Mind-Pick: What’s Your Definition of Healthy?

sheena fat

Me and my 5 lb fat model after a lunch and learn presentation today.

Since it’s Monday, I thought I’d take advantage of today and do a little Monday Mind-Picking. What I want to know from my readers today is, “What’s Your Definition of Healthy?” when it comes to food/eating? This summer with work I’m doing a series of group nutrition presentations to help my clients with summer weight loss goals. I believe a lot of times our biggest gamechanger with our eating habits involves our own personal definition of what we consider to be a healthy food.

I know that my dietitian colleagues will likely have their own definition of “healthy” and I too will share my intepretation soon as well, but I’d love for you all to comment today on what your definition of a healthy food is. As tempting as it is to Google the phrase “healthy” or “healthy food” today, I encourage you to just share what comes up off the top of your head.ย  Say for example, would you consider iceberg lettuce healthy because it’s low calorie and it’s a vegetable? Or would you consider a potato unhealthy because it’s white and a starchy carbohydrate?ย  These are just a few examples of some things, but I’d like for you to provide your own food examples as well.ย  I’d like to use your responses to create a series of posts this summer that will correlate with some of the information I’ll be sharing with my Summer Slimdown series at work.

The more responses the better so please feel free to comment ๐Ÿ™‚

12 thoughts on “Monday Mind-Pick: What’s Your Definition of Healthy?

  1. For me, whole foods = healthy. The less refined, the better, so maple syrup is better than refined sugar, etc. Keeps it easy. Also, brighter the naturally occurring colors, the healthier it is! I am going to blog about my rainbow meal I ate last night after work today!

  2. Lisa Phuaphes

    My definition of being healthy these days is trying to cut out meat, but oh I love my chicken! lol When I was on Weight Watchers, cutting the points and meat out helped me lose the weight faster.

    • I am glad you’ve shared what’s worked for you! I agree that cutting back or monitoring your meat intake can be really beneficial in managing your weight, especially with reducing dietary cholesterol. Also, did you enjoy the Morning Star products that you had?

  3. Kristen Guenther

    I think being healthy means having a knowledge of food and having the self-control to balance your intake. You can’t say something is unhealthy because it has fat or sugar, you have to know that the body needs fat and sugar but have the control to only eat “bad” foods like say doughnuts once a month, or eat just half, etc. So in a sense being healthy to me means having a positive relationship with food.

    • Amen sista! This is something that I really like to talk about with my eating disorder patients that have a very clear cut view of what they interpret as healthy or not healthy. I think you articulated the importance of balance beautifully!

  4. My idea of healthy means a lot of things: you cannot single outl, in most cases, what is healthy or not for you. So eating the right proportion of different kind of food linked to the kind of food you pick: loads of fruit and veg, whole grain much better than refined. Vegetable protein and fish better than meat (red meat once a week if you must), vegetable oils and no frying!!!

    • I agree! Proportion/moderation is one of the things that I think us as Americans have the hardest time with, especially since we like to have an “all or nothing” principle when it comes to food or being on a “diet”. Thank you so much for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Balance. Vegetables, fruits, grains – a few treats once in a while. Keep things in perspective. One “bad” meal doesn’t wreck all good efforts.

    • Millie, I could not agree with you more about one “bad” meal wrecking all your good efforts. I think so many of us are conditioned at times to think “whoops, I had a pretty heavy breakfast today, today is shot so I’ll just restart my ‘diet’ tomorrow”. ๐Ÿ™‚

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