Redneck Caviar


Today, I’m honing in on my redneck Southern roots and sharing a recipe for Redneck Caviar. Funny thing is, I just realized as I was making this dip that this was what it was called. In college, I learned it from a friend’s sister who called it “graduation salsa” because she made it for my friend’s graduation. Odd, I know. Anywho, the great thing about this dip is that you really can do whatever you want with it because rednecks don’t care 😉 But seriously, it’s easy to add and subtract based on your taste preferences and not “mess it up” because it is so yummy!

My recipe yields a pretty big batch…I needed to make sure I had enough for both me and my husband to bring to our respective get togethers, but many of the recipes you’ll find may just call for 1 can of each item and 1/2 a bottle of dressing. Also, I decided to go with Marie’s All Natural Italian Vinaigrette but many recipes call for Kraft’s Zesty Italian dressing. I went with the pre-cut Tri Pepper Mix because it ended up being a little cheaper at Publix that day than buying whole peppers (I usually like to buy my peppers from the farmer’s market, but alas no time). Also, I included some minced garlic and green onion that are not pictured below.


To reduce the sodium content as much as possible, I went with reduced sodium black beans and rinsed both the black beans and black-eyed peas for additional sodium removal before adding everything together.


Add everything to your bowl including rinsed and drained beans, drained corn, drained tomatoes, chopped peppers, and entire bottle of salad dressing (my bottle had about 11.5 oz)


And ta-da!


What I really love about this dip is the fact that you can get some great soluble fiber from the beans, and some vegetable servings from everything that’s added. I would recommend getting an Italian dressing that is low in sodium if possible. Many variations include adding cilantro, chopped sweet onion, and chopped fresh jalapeno peppers (I wish I had put some in mind but forgot to pick them up at the grocery store).  If you have your favorite version, please comment and share! 🙂

Redneck Caviar (again, this will yield a pretty large quantity)

2 cans black beans
2 cans black-eyed peas
2 cans shoe peg corn
2 cans rotel tomatoes
1 can petite diced tomatoes
1/2 cup chopped green onion
1-2 cups diced bell pepper of your choice
2 Tb minced garlic
~12 oz Italian dressing
Alternative ingredients:
1/2 diced sweet onion
chopped cilantro
1-2 diced fresh jalapeno peppers

Directions: Drain beans, corn, and tomatoes and add to bowl (may opt to rinse beans also), add diced bell pepper, green onion, garlic, dressing, and any other ingredients you’d like. Let chill for a few hours or overnight before serving. Super easy!

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