Summer is over and I’m turning 30 soon


So once again I’ve had a little hiatus from the blog. Despite it being the summer time, it’s been busy for me in a few different ways. I am hoping to play catch up soon with some new recipes I’ve tried over the summer. This may not come to a shocker to my regular readers, but I have been obsessed with squash and okra this summer. I told someone earlier this week that I could live off of okra and ice cream (odd combination I know).  And speaking of food and recipes, at the beginning of last week, my husband and I decided to forgo bread/pastas as part of our 21 days of prayer at church. I have realized how much bread is part of my every day munching. However, I will be very candid and say that the one comical thing that I’ve noticed during this time period is that I’ve been gravitating to every single source of carbohydrate possible to “make up” for the fact that I haven’t been eating bread. Way to go, Ms. Dietitian, huh?  I think I’ve finally gotten comfortable with the whole no bread thing,  so maybe I’ll be okay after all 😉


On a side note,  I turn 30 in about two and a half months. I have mixed feelings about it, but I’ve planned a trip to say adios to my 20s and bienvenidos to my 30s that my hubs and I will be doing later this fall. [EXPECT A FULL REVIEW OF THE VACATION SITE!!! 🙂 🙂 ] Since I’d like to make the start of my 30’s as good as possible, I am publicly declaring I’m on a mission to try to get in a little more exercise this fall. This summer I’ve been on multiple medications for some health issues which have had some weight gain as a side effect. When you’re 5’1 like me, little fluctuations can be noticed 🙂 With all that said, I’m sure I’ll be chronicling some of my efforts with this in conjunction with my regular recipe shares, nutrition tips, and the like. Stay tuned readers…we’ve got a lot coming up this fall!


One thought on “Summer is over and I’m turning 30 soon

  1. Um, 30s are AWESOME my friend! I promise you will love them!:)
    I will say that you are wise to start thinking about exercise and such. While we’re not OLD by any means, I’ve noticed since I’ve turned 30 that my body is deteriorating. And by that I mean there have been wrinkles, aches and pains, and generally feeling old. I feel very aware now of my body, much more than when I was in my 20s!

    Good luck getting ready for your 30s! Looking forward to hearing about your fun birthday trip! 🙂

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