{Nutracore Nutrition} Skinny Whey : A Quick Review

product review

HEAVENS TO BETSY! It has been once again been forever since my last post. It’s now time to grab the bull by the horns and post something so you don’t forget about me 🙂

There’s a business called Total Nutrition which is similar to a GNC in many ways. I’ve felt bombarded with the amount of sponsored ads for the store, including one for a Skinny Whey as seen below:

total nutrition

What’s funny is that my main issue with it is that the flavor is called “Delicious Chocolate.” Being the curious girl that I am, I decided to try it out, especially since so many of my clients in Tuscaloosa have talked about Total Nutrition opening and that they’ve been wanting to try this protein powder since it’s only 100 calories per scoop.

Boasting 100 calories, 22 grams of protein, and only 1 gram of carbohydrate, according to Nutracore, it “supports a healthy low carb lifestyle.” In all honesty, I don’t have that big of an issue with most of the ingredients. I wish it had more carbohydrate, but then again you could always go with a different brand like EAS Lean 15 Chocolate flavor (which is delicious with almond milk, BTW).


After purchasing it and tasting it, here is my verdict:

It tastes sour. At first I thought it was because I used almond milk, but I really think it’s the powder itself. When I first opened the product, I noticed that the protective Styrofoam was not properly sealed. It offers 22 grams of protein which I will recognize can help with feelings of fullness…however, for a person of my size and activity level, I only need about 45 grams of protein/day. I think that if this product was used with a liquid that contained carbohydrate or if you had additional carbohydrate with the product such as a banana, then this could be a viable choice. I totally get that this product is specifically geared for a low carbohydrate lifestyle, but if you’re not giving your body enough carbohydrate to actually have the energy to use all these massive amounts of protein you’re putting in yourself, then what’s the point? Some evidence suggests an extremely low carbohydrate diet can be maintained long-term for some, but if you are any bit of an active person, please don’t go extreme low carb.

photo 2

Would I purchase this again? I don’t think so. I’m still curious to see if the vanilla flavor is any better or if the container I got was a fluke, but this “delicious chocolate” flavor did not taste chocolate at all. I don’t mind it as a protein source to add to shakes, but I do believe that adequate carbohydrate should be supplemented throughout the day.


What do you think? Have you tried this product before? Let me know your thoughts and please share what protein powders you have (and haven’t) enjoyed in the past!

7 thoughts on “{Nutracore Nutrition} Skinny Whey : A Quick Review

  1. Maria

    Hi there I just recently purchased the vanilla flavor and its not all that good in flavor. I tried it with almond milk but it made it too sweet so I tried it with water and it was better but my main question was how thick is it really suppose to be? Because it’s not like other protein shakes I’ve had in the past with the thick consistency but this one is just like watery…..and very yellowy looking.

    • Hi Maria, thank you for commenting! If you find the consistency thin using the recommended amount of protein powder and the amount of liquid you want (to weaken the sweetness), I’ve known some folks who have used ice in their blender to thicken it up. I agree that it isn’t as thick as some of the other powders I’ve tried in the past.

  2. KP Oberg

    I like the vanilla flavor. I usually combine it with chocolate milk. I did not like the chocolate flavor. I honestly think when it comes to protein powder taste is personal. I have had so many people tell me this one or that one tastes good and it doesn’t. I like that it has high protein count and low carbs since I get my carbs elsewhere, but my Total Nutrition closed and now I have to find a different powder.

  3. I can’t wait for my jar to be empty. It’s one of the worst tasting protein powders I’ve ever experienced. I’m not all that picky with food so it takes a good deal of foul taste to get me to complain. Nutracore’s Intek Protein powder is much better. Overall, my fave remains EAS either full strength or lean. In the meantime, I have friends microwaving their protein powders resulting in cupcakes. Do you have recipes??? Thanks/

  4. Malea Iverson

    i’m not a fan of the vanilla, but i love the chocolate. I mix it with water and a banana and drink it most weekday mornings on my way to work. I do need it to be VERY cold (i’m like that with all protein shakes though, not just this one) so i put it in a freezer tumbler.

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