About Sheena

I know I know… you’re probably thinking to yourself,” shouldn’t it be a FILIPINA foodie since you’re female?”  Yes, you and my parents are exactly right. I am totally and technically a Filipina (-American) foodie dietitian, but for all practical purposes, we’ll just call me a filipino foodie 🙂

Okay, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let me formally welcome you to A Filipino Foodie blog! My name is Sheena Quizon Gregg, MS,RD,LD , and I currently work as a registered dietitian seeing all ranges of the age spectrum for one on one and group nutrition counseling. I received both my bachelors and masters in Human Nutrition and Hospitality Management from The University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE!). I’ve had the opportunity to complete the Commission on Dietetic Registration’s Certificates of Training in both Adult and Childhood/Adolescent Weight Management as well as participate in advanced training for body image and eating disorder issues. I have been a dietitian for over five years now but have loved food my whole life.

I’m new to the world as a wifey, getting married in 2012 to my handsome husband I met on match.com with our primary responsibility being our pup Lieutenant Dan Taylor Gregg (Lou for short). As a dietitian & food lover, I truly believe that you don’t have to be a registered dietitian to advocate and practice healthy eating habits. And though I believe that healthy food can be  tasty too, I also know that we eat for two reasons: 1) to nourish our bodies AND 2) sometimes for just pure pleasure and enjoyment! I hope that through this blog I can share my every day thoughts on food and nutrition, and hopefully I’ll be able to share some yummy recipes along the way! 🙂


12 thoughts on “About Sheena

  1. Hannah G.

    Hi Sheena,

    I am contacting you because recently, I’ve been considering nutrition as a possible career path, and I was hoping you might have some advice to give.

    I received a Bachelor’s Degree in History from UC Davis five years ago, and while I was there, I had the opportunity to take some introductory courses in Food Science and Winemaking, which stimulated an already present curiosity about cooking and the science behind it. Then, during my sophomore year, I discovered Michael Pollan’s “The Omnivore’s Dilemma”, and it transformed me from someone who merely appreciated good food and nutrition to one keenly interested in the culture, ethics, and politics of food and agriculture. Since then, I have become an avid home cook and baker and find myself using up most of my spare time either cooking or reading about food in some form or fashion.

    After I graduated, I flirted with the prospect of a career in education and spent some time tutoring high school students in history, writing, and SAT/ACT prep, but eventually decided that, while I enjoyed teaching, ultimately, I was drawn to the subject matter more than the act of teaching itself and so put that idea on hold. I picked up a part-time job at Williams-Sonoma (mostly for the 40% discount, since I probably spent more there than I made!) and then fell into an outside sales position at a Los Angeles based food distribution company, where I’ve been for the past year and a half.

    I am pretty sure now that I want my professional life to involve food in some way; however, I am not satisfied working in sales and distribution. It is too far removed from the actual process of cooking, and I do not feel that the environment facilitates intellectual growth or creativity. While I know I have a strong interest in nutrition and sharing my knowledge with others, I’m not entirely clear on what the day to day work of a dietitian entails, whether it be in a clinical setting or in private practice. I was hoping you might be able to share some of your own experiences in the field such as what a typical day is like and how your time is split up taking care of various tasks. I would also be interested in any suggestions you may have for other resources I could look to for advice or inspiration.

    I apologize for the long-windedness, but I figured the more information you had about where I’m coming from, the easier it would be to reply. Thank you!!

    Your newest avid reader,
    Hannah 🙂

  2. Hey Sheena,

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  3. Lisa

    Sheena- why is your blog no longer active? I’ve enjoyed scrolling thru your posts, but have had some technical difficulties with your site. Are you available for one-on-one adult weight counseling? I’m almost 72, but I desperately need to lose weight – at least 50 pounds. I would appreciate hearing back from you at those email address. Thank you … Lisa

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